Actual comments from clients about their experiences with Memories4you

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Marylou, I'm speechless!!!!!!! Blurb excelled itself......every image is fine art printing, and perfect, and makes the Art look stupendous...... I just cannot thank you enough, for EVERYTHING.......I'm so proud of myself, my Art, our collaboration, Blurb's perfection printing. The cover is absolutely stunning, eye-catching........gorgeous , too !! Thank you so very much............... And soon we do more books, ok?......... ….Vivian A

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The thanks go entirely to you. You turned the raw material into a finished product I am so happy with, and couldn't have achieved on my own. You have been a project-saver! Thank you for your patience, your eye, and your time. …….Kathryn O

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I got the books and they look fantastic. Thank you so so much for your help! ….Mitch N

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Marylou you are a genius, this is wonderful. Let’s go with this. ……..Kay M   

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I have used Marylou frequently for albums. This one is absolutely superb how does she do it?  WOW ……..Tony R

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I recommend Marylou’s services in photo book design and will be using her again. Marylou ensured my photos were in the best shape and designed for me 2 photo books of recent overseas holidays. I have to say I tossed up about doing the photo books myself but am thrilled I took the step and contacted her. Marylou listened effectively to what I wanted, ensuring the design met my needs and to my liking and delivered more than I ever expected. Needless to say, I was thrilled and just love my books. I was impressed by her professionalism, expertise, passion and most of all, her listening ability. …….Sue N

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When I saw my family’s history come to life, I had tears in my eyes. Your adaptation of what I wanted was absolutely brilliant!  It’s a book that will pass down through the family. ......Roberta J

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From a recent photo shoot I did: The photos are beautiful and they could be somewhere in Alaska or some other exotic place. They certainly don't look like the dogs are at our local beach! 
My first favorites were #35 and 48 but then I gave up because there were so many gorgeous ones …..Dan M

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The quality of the book you designed is absolutely top-notch! I certainly could have done a “cheap” version at a local shop but your ideas and graphic design far outshone anything I could do. The quality of the printing and book binding was so much better than those of the ones you can go into shops and make/order. Thanks for a beautiful job! ......Bob J

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I had a big blog-to-book project and needed help!  I’m so glad I found Marylou, thousands of miles away in Australia, who possessed the skill, creativity and thoughtfulness to make dream come true!  She was wonderful to work with every step along the way, making and taking suggestions and supplying great ideas.   I LOVE the book she created—it is something my family and I will always treasure. ….Linda S

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Just letting you know the graphic artist at the printer LOVED the artwork you did for our banner!  He said the layout was beautiful, not too busy, but got the message across.  ......Victoria B

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I’ve just had a look at the book you delivered. It’s just perfect!  The photos are so clear, even the ones from over 75 years ago. What amazing restoration… Thanks so much! ......Cecily R

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My challenge was to complete a history of my mothers first 100 years of her life. Born in 1912 she has seen the world wars, the depression and come to see her great grandchildren using palm computers. I sat with her for 12 to 15 hours to extract her story in as much detail as possible. I then combed through hundreds of family photos to have a pictorial record over those 100 years to match the written word. As you might imagine some of the 100 year old photos were not in good shape. How do I pull it all together? Fortunately, I was introduced to Marylou at Memories4you. In hindsight this was my greatest achievement. Marylou brought both expertise and passion to the project. The end result is a magnificent historical record both in words and picture of a great life. So impressed was I with Memories4you I had Marylou redo all my old family albums, those albums where the photos are 30 to 40 years old, fading and all but useless. Using her expertise, Marylou recreated those albums magically and I now have these wonderful refreshed albums of some great memories that will last forever. Marylou is great value. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. ......Tony R

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You were amazing to work with as you gave me great advice on putting the book together and suggested brilliant ideas while listening to what I wanted. .....Pat M

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I had no idea of how you could bring old photos back to life! What a joy it is to have a favorite holiday from long ago come to life again. I especially loved the way you added so many touches to the book to truly make it unique! .....Hilda P

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I just love my book.  I keep it my handbag so I can show it to everyone I run into.  Thanks again,  .....Llyn M ……….  Love Llyns book thank you so much that’s a real winner you know ! ....John M

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While I eagerly followed your blog during the course of your adventure, I have been thrilled to browse through your photobook. It has proven an impossible task to view some magnificent images without a small amount of jealousy. Amazing photography and clearly an outstanding talent for expression. Thanks for  sharing it with me. ...Michael L
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Thanks SO much for the fabulous job you did on my book!  Tremendous value for the amount of work you did. I'll definitely be recommending you! ...Karen K
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Siobhan and Chris love the album. They have shown it to all their friends and family. ...Nuala D
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I had Marylou design a photobook for our recent European holiday, leaving all the choices to her. The ideas she had were artistic and beautiful. Everyone is raving about my holiday pictures which have been designed to be the best, thanks to cropping and a great eye for how to put the book together. ...Aurelia R
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  Oakley’s Diary is a fabulous book, a brilliant account of Oakley’s holiday with Jaz.  The pictures are excellent catching many of the precious moments two puppy pals had together. It’s a beautifully put-together book! ...Sarah B
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Thank you very much Marylou. The finished photo book is fabulous, just what I wanted. I really appreciated your professionalism, your suggestions and always keeping me up to date.   It was a pleasure dealing with your company.                                                                                                                     ...June H
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 It’s just such a lovely thing to have and to keep. It’s so much better than a photo album of pictures that won’t last forever.  Thank you once again for all the work & effort you have put in. I really do appreciate it! Have an absolutely amazing Christmas & I can’t wait to see the finished product. …Stephanie R
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My wife presented me with a beautiful book of photos of my life for my 70th birthday. My first car - FJ Holden sedan - two tone grey --- great photo! The book is so beautifully put together. I will treasure it for the rest of my life. Many thanks Marylou!  ...Bob B

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I thought my holiday pictures were rather ordinary until I received my finished Photobook! The layout was brilliant and the pictures had a life I didn’t know they had!  Great communication for a wonderful experience!  ...Linda G
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Thanks Marylou for the truly amazing wedding photobook you put together for me - I never dreamed that it would look so wonderful! The layout of the book was just brilliant, thanks to your very creative ideas! Thanks again.  ... Julie T
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                                                                                                            We've  just viewed the book and we both love your design (FANTASTIC).  You are very talented and you've have made it very special. ....Aurelia and Joe R